Joanna Riley currently serves as chief executive officer of Censia, a San Francisco-based company she co-founded in 2017. At Censia, she has drawn on her history of entrepreneurship in the technology sector to help develop artificial intelligence solutions aimed at making corporate talent acquisition more useful and more efficient. Prior to her work with Censia, Joanna Riley co-founded and served as CEO and managing director of 1-Page, which brought the power of software-as-a-service to the recruitment process.

Joanna Riley

Joanna Riley attended the University of Virginia as an undergraduate, receiving a bachelor’s in foreign affairs. She is currently attending Harvard Business School’s President’s Program.

Ms. Riley initially served with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a field representative and junior instructor in the International Training and Assistance Unit (ITAU). She moved into entrepreneurship with her work as vice president of Venture Marketing Solutions, where she led sales performance.

Next, as CEO of Performance Advertising Associates, Joanna Riley led a direct marketing firm dedicated to assisting a range of Fortune 500 companies in acquiring clients in a number of sectors, including telecommunications, energy, and office supply. Her subsequent work as a managing partner with global communications and media firm Hubert Burda Media saw her successful introduction of the upscale publication Prestige into the consumer market in mainland China.

During her six years with 1-Page, Joanna Riley oversaw the company’s successful initial public offering in 2014. Two years later, while under her tenure, 1-Page earned a place on the S&P/ASX 300 Index. As an angel investor, Ms. Riley has focused on companies driving transformative change — including companies like Modern Health, Inc., an employee wellness platform headquartered in San Francisco, and Perksy, a real-time market intelligence firm in New York City.      

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